Why DP?

Why DP?

Diana Malayeri is one of the students who is attending the pre-DP course at Shahid Mahdavi Educational Complex.

Why did you originally decide to pursue an IB diploma?

Our school has a long history in IB. I have had a very good experience with the PYP and MYP, so when I heard that the school is going to offer the DP, I decided to continue my academic life with the pattern and framework I started it with. I really like the fact that the IB programs provide students with the opportunity to go beyond memorization of facts and prepare us to become good citizens of the world.

Have you become familiar with the core of the program in the pre-DP course?

Yes. The core is exactly what makes the whole program so exciting and encouraging. The extended essay will help us prepare for doing research essays in university. In the pre-DP course, we are also working on our academic writing skills which hopefully prepare us for the extended essay. TOK help us gain a broad perspective about different subjects we are studying and CAS is all about the fact that any learning experience should result in either a creativity, activity or service, or maybe all together.

Do you have a mentor or teacher that has a strong positive impression? Someone who encourages you to become an IB student?

I have been extremely lucky to have many excellent teachers during my studies and especially in the pre-DP course.  The teachers know the Diploma program very well and all of them put in countless hours of their own time to help the students with practice exams. My chemistry teacher tells us so much about the structure of the diploma program and its assessment, my academic writing teacher makes class insightful and fun at the same time. I am also very grateful to my math teacher, who never gives up on us, and pushes us to get a perspective on how math works in the diploma program.


Is there anything else you would like to add?

I am grateful for the opportunity that the IB and our school have provided us with. I know that the DP is one of the most well-known high school programs in the world, so I am very happy that the school has made us plan ahead for this great program.

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