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Theory of Knowledge (TOK): an internally and externally assessed interdisciplinary component, which is designed to explore and critically examine different concepts of knowledge found in various subjects and culture. It encourages curiosity, inquiry and critical thinking about knowledge itself and help students make sense of what they learn and encounter in school and the world around them.

Extended Essay (EE): an externally assessed, independent research assignment of 4,000 words in one of the six subject areas. The EE is an in-depth investigation through which the student can specialize in a certain subject area and become familiar with the level of research and writing expectations of a university level education.

Creativity, Action, Service (CAS): an integral part of the programme, which emphasizes individual social responsibility and a commitment to improving the world in which we live. CAS focuses on experiential learning and encourages students to gain real-life experience beyond the classroom. Especially the CAS Outdoor Leadership and the Community Service components of our school offers rich and varied opportunities for students to get involved in.