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Mahani Observatory is one of the best scientific centers for promoting astronomy in Iran and in all region. With 16 and 6-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, plus special telescope for solar observation and a full HD digital planetarium. All in all, this complex has all the facilities for education, research, and exploration of the universe 24 hours a day. In addition to the exceptional hardware facilities in this complex, the use of experienced scientific and educational staff and interaction with the top university centers is placed the Mahani Observatory in a privileged position.

In order to promote the knowledge of astronomy at different levels and to promote this sublime science among individuals and enthusiasts, various programs have been prepared and executed in this center, as follow;

  • Observational tours of solar system objects and deep skies
  • Educational and observational tour of the sun
  • Astronomy courses for children
  • Educational and research courses for adults
  • Space exploration tour


Our school is equipped with 4 labs including one for Physics, one for Chemistry, and one for Biology and Geology. They are specifically designed to incorporate experiential learning opportunities in learning with the aim of fulfilling our students’ educational needs. We strongly emphasize on combining classroom teaching with laboratory experiments to ensure that the students grasp all the concepts thoroughly.


We pride ourselves on our rich libraries abundant with a wide range of books varying from the most up-to-date scientific collections to the most state-of- the-art classic and modern literary works. Lower grade students can enjoy reading in a specifically-designed library with a peaceful ambiance serving to their age requisites, and we also benefit from having another library for higher graders, which is well-equipped for them to accomplish their goals.

Music Classroom

Enriched with a variety of musical instruments, the classroom gives the students the opportunity to enjoy authentic musical experiences.


SMEC computer labs are equipped with 60 computer systems, all connected to interactive boards, providing each students with individual access while learning in computer classes.

Swimming Pool

Our indoor pools, sauna, and Jacuzzi open the door for sports opportunities that can be enjoyed throughout the year, without worrying about adverse weather conditions. Whether being a beginner or an experienced swimmer, having 2 indoor pools allow every student to enjoy aquatic activities during physical education class. In addition to regular physical education classes, students can enjoy extracurricular activities, such as swimming competitions.  Ozone generators are used to ensure flawless water purification.

Ballet Studio

Our ballet studio is beautifully painted and decorated for preschool children. Ballet activities reflect children’s inner feelings and help them get a deeper sense of self-realization. Ballet also brings children a holistic understanding of the interconnected world we live in.


Sport activities are highly valued and children are encouraged to develop an interest in at least one area of sport. Our multipurpose gymnasium covers over 700 square meters and has a suspension parquet floor. Our products are manufactured by leaders in the athletic equipment industry and include sports flooring, basketball, badminton, and volleyball systems and more. We also offer a wide variety of inspection, maintenance and renovation services to help you keep your school gym up to code and safe for students to learn, grow and play.


The School’s gallery is an awesome entrance to the main offices of the school, a brilliant example of Persian traditional artwork and a representation of the latest designs in architecture: A beautiful and spacious place (1000 square meter) for exhibiting students’ artistic works and holding Book Fairs. Our auditorium, which seats 300 persons, provides the students with the opportunity to exhibit their learning outcomes through performances. Many Parent-Teacher Conferences are also held there.