Expression of Interest Form

Students pursuing the Diploma Program:

  • You will need to take 6 courses in total, one from each column. Exception: Students may forego a Group 6 course by doubling up in another Group.
  • Three of those classes must be Higher Level.
  • The “Core” of the DP which includes Theory of Knowledge, CAS, and EE courses is what makes the Diplomma Programme different from the other high school programs. Each subject in the core has its own supervisor/coordinator who will guide you through the two year program of study.

Becoming an IB Student

The IB Diplomma Program is a comprehensive, rich and challenging program. Therefore, the IB constantly encourages interested candidates to consider their personal potentials, interests, career and academic goals before deciding to enroll in the program.

The ideal IB candidate is a student who:

  • has had above average academic performance
  • is highly self-motivated to work and learn.
  • is excited by the challenges and enjoys the dynamics of academic discovery.
  • Knows the features of the program
  • demonstrates a consistent work ethic to achieve academic goals: team work, academic honesty,…
  • pays attention to self-management skills : critical thinking, time management, social skills,
  • has a good attendance record

Expression of Interest Form