Pre-DP Students Hosting a Guest Speaker

Pre-DP Students Hosting a Guest Speaker

Incorporating guest speakers into the classroom has always been a successful strategy at SMEC in order to support teaching and learning, and on January 18th, during the class of Academic Writing, the pre-DP students hosted Yaas Farzanefar, a Grade 11 student at SMEC, who won the first place of an international essay contest in December 2017.

Yaas, gave a wonderful speech highlighting the importance of developing writing skills and how the Extended Essay help DP students build those skills, express their thoughts, and become independent individuals.

She reminded the pre-DP students that considering academic honesty must be an inseparable process from their academic writing journey.

Yaas closed her speech with introducing great proof reading and citation resources which accoding to some pre-DP students were one of the most useful outcome of the session.


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